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At PK Metal Works Ltd., we have considerable expertise and experience in installations, and our field units are fully equipped. For environmentally sensitive jobs such as hospitals, we have inverters and smoke eaters and are capable of many forms of onsite welding. Our crews are equipped with scaffoldings, genie lifts and all necessary basic safety equipment. We also are equipped with torches with 150 hose, 2-250 amp welders with 1000 cable, Hilti drills, impact guns, grinders, builders’ levels, fire blankets, etc. At PK Metal Works Ltd., we consider our welding rig as a mobile shop and are ready to tackle welding jobs or complex installations. Our employees are trained in basic safety procedures and are fully certified in all position stick welding under the Canadian Welding Bureau (W47.1).  



CWB Certification


At PK Metal Works Ltd., we pride ourselves on our ability to take on projects big or small.