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     PK Metal Works Ltd. is a small metal service center and fabricating shop in the Port Kells industrial area in Surrey, BC. We were founded in 1992 and immediately started to support the local manufacturing and construction industry. Today we have grown considerably and employ 14 tradesmen including a fully equipped field crew.    

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     We have journeymen fabricators, fitters and welders on staff all CWB certified under W47.1. We are registered for mild steel and stainless. For general welding, we are capable of welding mig (solid core and flux core), tig, pound spool aluminum, and stick in various alloys. We support our tradesmen with a fully equipped shop. See the machinery section for highlights of our capacities.


      At PK Metal Works Ltd., we have taken on a wide variety of projects from tilt up construction to ornamental steel and delivered customer satisfaction. We have significant experience in coordinating our work with other trades in the construction of architecturally diverse projects. We have worked with galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder coated steel, and integrated them into brick, cement, steel stud, and wood construction techniques. See our photo gallery for some of our more recent projects.

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