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     PK Metal Works Ltd., has complete burning services for your needs with photo eye trace and capabilities for traditional oxy-propane burning and plasma systems. Our 8' x 32' bed allows us to prepare and profile many sizes and allows quick turnaround times. We have full AutoCAD capabilities to draw your part or to convert your electronic files to our nesting software. Our standard burning tolerances are plus or minus a sixteenth of an inch unless otherwise indicated.    

Burning table 3.jpg


     At PK Metal Works Ltd., we form many structural components, such as stair pans, angles, cones to enclose guards and conveyor troughing.  


     At PK Metal Works Ltd., we have significant capabilities to offer completed products to our Shearing and Forming Customers; if you require your subcomponents with holes we have a Wide variety of punching and drilling equipment to economically service your needs.

        We have Iron Workers, Punch presses, Portable Magnetic drills and a Radial drill press. From Pipe protectors, Base plates to conveyor components we can service your complete value added needs. Below is a chart with the Pressure equipment's to punch a hole in steel. We have a large selection of Dies from rectangles to Oblongs, Off sets to square dies and of course round dies up to 2''



      At PK Metal Works Ltd., We have a CNC run set of plate rolls capable of rolling many different shapes as in, pipes, bands, saddles and even cones from plate and flat bar. We roll tank bodies in one piece up to 10’ diameter and other sizes in multiple pieces.

    Our rolls are capable of handling up to 1/2” X 96” plate and thicker plate in shorter face widths. To go with your custom tube sections, we offer custom burning services and forming services for doubler plates, concentric and eccentric reducers, or simple pre burnt cope prior to rolling to make tees or ”Ys”. Please give us a call to discuss your next project.


     To serve your Shearing needs PK Metal Works Ltd. has a state of the art 2006 HACO shear CNC controlled, to enhance efficiency.  We can adjust Rake angle and Gap Automatically with the CNC controller to insure level plate with no burrs. Pull away back gauge to ensure repeatable accuracy.  We have a capacity of 18 Gauge to 1/2" thick Mild steel plate or 18 Gauge to 3/8" thick 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminum 12 Gauge -3/8”.

Machinery 7.jpg
Light Fabrication.jpg


     PK Metal Works Ltd., produces a wide variety of light fabrication; from control cabs to guards, from conveyor boots to take ups, from lock boxes to bollards, from railings to stairs for all of your fabrication needs.

      We are fully certified and offer a complete range of design and engineering services to ensure your project meets your expectations. At PK Metal Works Ltd., we are a CWB certified shop with fully certified and ticketed welders. We also offer field services for when the need arises. With our large selection of Machinery and diverse skills it is often more cost effective to allow us to fabricate for you.


     The process of hardfacing helps to improve some of the material properties, by applying a hard layer of metal on the surface. Different techniques have been studied in the industry, and the one we have successfully used is hardfacing with Tungsten.

Tungsten Hardfacing.jpg
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